Future Factory at the Hannover Messe 2014


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Germany needs to be strengthened as a production location to further develop its economic power. Therefore, the industry needs new solutions for cost-efficient production processes that also preserve resources. The "Integrated Industry" sector has, thus, been in the focus of many research activities at Fraunhofer for some time. Cyber-physical systems link the virtual world to objects of the real world. This creates the "Internet of things" where real products and production processes are linked to the Internet. This accelerates processes and helps to better utilize resources. However, what is decisive for the success of the integrated industry, is the human factor. With new technologies in human-machine interaction and with a comprehensive training program, Fraunhofer essentially contributes to the further development of Germany as a production location.

10 Fraunhofer establishments present exhibits to the visitor related to resource and energy efficiency, human-machine interaction, digital engineering, system and innovation research, city of the future, as well as career and training.

Main Focus

Resource and Energy Efficiency
Whether production, power generation, or mobility issues: The question of resource and energy efficiency is always in the focus when it comes to developing new technologies. Fraunhofer showcases possible solutions such as for an emission-neutral factory, presents concepts for an innovative energy management, or explains the use of intelligent materials.

Human-Machine Interaction
Humans are and will be the most important factor in the factory of the future. Only by matching production processes and employees exactly may the innovative idea of an "integrated industry" be put into practice. Whether ultra-flat cameras, sophisticated sensor technology, or state-of-the-art testing methods – everything serves the perfect interface between humans and machine.

Digital Engineering
Production processes are highly complex in their planning. This is why Fraunhofer develops digital methods to better support development processes in the industry and to consequently control the entire production cycle. By means of digital engineering, the digital construction data of a product is used at all following stages of its development and production process. This way, better and safe products are developed, processes are accelerated, resources are preserved, and costs are sustainably lowered.

System and Innovation Research

System and innovation research analyzes the occurrence and effects of innovations. The focus is on short and longterm developments of innovation processes and their consequences for society. Studies and expert reports  may therefore provide recommendations for the industry, politics, and  science. In particular interdisciplinary competence is of decisive importance
in that context.

City of the Future
What does the city of the future look like? In what kind of city do the people want to live in the future? One thing is sure: The city will keep on playing an important role in the life of many people and by the year of 2050, probably two thirds of all people will live in large metropolitan areas.  Fraunhofer developed a scenario for the city of the future that includes core issues such as urban systems and urban mobility.

Career and Training
Fraunhofer offers numerous professional possibilities. Many new positions will be available in 2014. And training is also a priority at Fraunhofer. Fraunhofer know-how is available for most different areas of expertise. Core issues are technology and innovation, energy and sustainability, logistics and production, as well as manufacturing and testing technology.


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