Diversity Management

No two people are alike – every organization is a mix of people of different sexes, cultural backgrounds, ages and personal aspirations. Diversity management is an approach that aims to make use of this social diversity to the benefit of the whole organization, and allow everyone to share in its results. 

Fraunhofer is continually enhancing its diversity management policy throughout all levels of the organization. Diversity is an integral aspect of all current strategy plans – from career and skills management through to management training and health management. We are continually looking for measures to improve the status quo. 

We do so by identifying areas in which we can progress by developing and implementing concrete plans. For example, we aim to increase the number of women scientists by offering specially adapted training and career development programs, and recruit a higher number of persons with disabilities. A further element of our diversity management strategy is to encourage employees at all levels of the organization to pay more attention to the issues of work-life balance, gender-neutral recruitment and the use of non-gender-specific language.

Fraunhofer Talenta – Career Program for Female Scientists