Scientific Initiative on Integration

"Scientific knowledge is not limited by national boundaries. The ideas of those from other cultures, religions and nationalities promote creative progress and ultimately enrich us all." Fraunhofer explicitly endorses and embraces this statement made in February 2015 by the Alliance of Science Organisations in Germany (Allianz der Wissenschaftsorganisationen)..

Site concepts

Among other things, rapid integration in the labor market is a necessary prerequisite for the successful integration of refugees. Fraunhofer wants to make a contribution to this process appropriate to the existing basic parameters. The opportunity to apply for any officially announced vacancy at Fraunhofer is open to every refugee. All vacancies at Fraunhofer are officially announced here.

However, direct employment of refugees turns out to be difficult for both the refugee and the prospective employer. Thus in the Fraunhofer Site Concept Fraunhofer offers additional internships and educational opportunities for refugees intended to increase the chances of success in the labor market for these individuals.

The refugees are supported at the Institutes based on a mentor model, which is deployed on a need-driven basis at each site. This additional employment and support for refugees is only possible with project subsidization from the German States: The States of Bavaria, Baden-Wurttemberg and Saxony are currently providing such support. Interested parties can apply for an internship or vocational training centrally at the following e-mail address:

The application must include a resume and proof of/grades from previous education or professional experience (when available, translated into German and notarized). In addition, the candidate should indicate whether an application for asylum-seeker status has already been decided on and what the applicant's subsequent official residence status is. Please also indicate the Institute desired. An overview of all of our Institutes can be found here.

Preamble to the Scientific Integration Initiative "Wissenschaftsinitiative Integration"

The four major scientific organizations Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, Helmholtz Association, Leibniz Association and Max Planck Society are aware of their responsibility to support an open-minded societal atmosphere in Germany. Science and its organizational manifestations are ultimately always places of international character and cultural diversity. Given the challenges currently faced by German society relating to the large number of people seeking refuge, additional new and coordinated approaches to the support of individuals seeking refuge are required above and beyond existing social awareness and the efforts made at the facilities of science organizations.

In a joint initiative, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, the Helmholtz Association, the Leibniz Association and the Max Planck Society are working to facilitate the integration of officially recognized refugees and those entitled to asylum in the labor market with various programs at their facilities. Participation in the working world is an important foundation for getting off to a proper start in Germany. The goal of opening up new perspectives for refugees in Germany by providing them with opportunities for employment and further qualification is the unifying objective that characterizes the close collaboration these three organizations have engaged in since September 2015, developing concepts in accordance with their respective missions and stated positions. The defined measures were to be realized and brought to life since 2016. Here the research organizations profit from the mutual exchange of information and the synchronization of their respective steps. Another shared objective is addressing this issue at the level of research in order to support politics and society in providing the integration services needed by the refugees on both an immediate and long-term basis.