Revenue from work with international customers and partners 2015–2019

The consistently high international project volume is an indicator of Fraunhofer’s success in the global research market. In 2019, revenue from international projects amounted to €296 million (excluding license-fee revenue) and represented 19 percent of total contract research project revenue. Some 32 percent of the international project volume came from EU-funded projects, 40 percent from customers and partners in Europe, and 28 percent from those outside Europe. The amount of project volume generated by customers and partners within Europe increased by 3 percent to €117 million, while that generated by customers and partners outside of Europe decreased slightly to €84 million. Switzerland, at €28 million, remained the largest market outside of Germany, followed by the USA (€26 million) and Austria (€20 million). The largest markets in Asia were China and Japan, with revenues of €18 million and €17 million respectively.