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With wearables’ body sensors to detect biosignals, anyone will be able to monitor their physical condition in a way that only specialized medical practices and clinics had been able to do – and then only for a limited time. These devices serve to pinpoint changes at an early turn and directly observe the impact of behaviors and the environment.

Across-the-board monitoring for high-risk patients will be a viable option with the benefit of technology that senses critical situations and alerts medical personnel as the situation dictates. A monitoring system like this will factor the location, surrounding hospitals’ current workload, and the doctor’s primary diagnosis into the equation and then propose the best choice of hospital for this patient to the alerted physician. If the doctor accepts the proposal, a nationwide concerted emergency data record will be transmitted to the hospital's emergency ward so that preparations for the incoming patient can commence at this early stage.

Healthy and safe - at home and everywhere

Will we be immortal someday? Probably not, but you will be able to monitor your physical condition 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In the past, this could be done only by doctors or in clinics, and then only for a limited time. Now your wearable measures a multitude of biosignals and metrics. It is connected to virtual or human assistants who advise you on your health and alert you when your readings change. This way, even high-risk patients are on always on the radar and never on their own.