Optimal design of mechanical metamaterials and bionic structures

Simulation and optimization methods for synthetic porous and composite materials which exhibit unusual mechanical properties.

Organizers: PD Dr. Heiko Andrä, Fraunhofer ITWM, Kaiserslautern; Prof. Ralf Müller, University Kaiserslautern; Prof. Matthew R. Begley, UCSB

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Programmable surface interactions and friction

Programming coefficients of friction into technical applications in order to stabilize a best possible operating point dynamically depending on the prevailing load collective.

Organizers: Dr. Andreas Kailer, Fraunhofer IWM, Freiburg; Dr. Tobias Amann, Fraunhofer IWM, Freiburg; Prof. Sergei Glavatskih, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Schweden; Prof. Ian Sherrington, University of Central Lancashire, Vereinigtes Königreich

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Programmable synthesis

Materials with programmed specific information, functions and/ or complex structure formation patterns; synthetic protocols and design principles; applications.

Organizers: Prof. Alexander Böker, Frauhofer IAP, Potsdam; Dr. Stefan Reinicke, Fraunhofer IAP, Potsdam; Prof. Filip Du Prez, Ghent University, Belgium

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Shape memory polymers

Recent progress in the fields of synthesis, processing and additive manufacturing of shape memory polymers and the development of programming routes for one-way and in particular for two-way shape memory effects.

Organizers: Dr. Thorsten Pretsch, Fraunhofer IAP, Potsdam; Prof. Jean-Marie Raquez, University of Mons, Belgium

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Manufacturing and upscaling

The complexity of programmable materials (PM) exhibiting properties like predefined shape or stiffness changes requires new production processes in order to create an economic benefit.

Organizers: Dr. Bernd Bader, Fraunhofer ICT, Pfintztal; André Bucht, Fraunhofer IWU, Dresden

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Design ideas from nature

The symposium will focus on various design principles from nature, inspiring the integration of sensoring and actuating functionalities into modern artificial materials.

Organizers: Prof. Dr. Alexander Böker, Fraunhofer IAP, Potsdam; Prof. Dr. Dr.h.c. Peter Fratzl, MPI für Kolloid- und Grenzflächenforschung, Potsdam

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Applications and design with programmable materials

Product ideas and visions, i.a. soft robotics and morphing structures, using programmable materials or structure-integrated functionalities, tools and methods for developing such.

Organizers: Linda Weisheit, Fraunhofer IWU, Dresden; Dr. Sylvia Schattauer, Fraunhofer, Munich

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Mechanical metamaterials

Designing adaptive shape morphing or surface properties requires us to understand, predict and optimize the complex mechanical interaction within programmable materials.

Organizers: Prof. Chris Eberl, Fraunhofer IWM, Freiburg; PhD Brad L. Boyce, Sandia National Laboratories, USA

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