Digital and connected

Digitalization and connectivity are changing the nature of manufacturing work, in plan-ning as well as in operations. Connected plants, machines, tools and products can communicate and convey their status. The human operator – now a problem-solver, a creative optimizer, a decision-maker – is kept in the picture all the time and every-where. That connectivity facilitates resource efficiency, faster processing and higher quality.

Before new approaches and solutions are put into practice in the real word, they can be put to the test in the virtual realm with a digital twin that replicates all objects and pro-cesses. Manufacturing personnel gain deeper insight into the complexities of cause and effect and can make more informed decisions. .

Move 360° in a virtual prodcuction line

How are we going to manufacture in the future? Imagine everything is connected – systems, machines, and even tools and products communicate with one another. Simply launch your mobile app to get the full picture whenever you want. You can check up on the status of your production line and the produced goods at a glance. Your working life will be very different when it comes to both planning and operations.