Hand in hand :)

People and technology will collaborate in the spirit of partnership, jointly solving prob-lems and making informed decisions. To this end, technology will provide humans with easy-to-understand, task-oriented information on the current situation and predicted developments.

The way people interact and communicate with technology is also changing radically. Cryptic error messages are on their way out, to be replaced by brief idiomatic messages that read like social media postings. Technical commands are giving way to natural speech and gestures. Humans and tech will come to an intuitive understanding. Tech-nology will be perceptive enough to respond sensitively to emotional and social aspects of user behavior.

This will culminate in a socially networked industry where people and machines are connected and work together as partners. Tomorrow’s manufacturing work will be ap-pealing, and it will feel good.

Work together with intelligent, emotion-recognizing machines

To understand one another, we have to speak one language. The same goes for people and technology. In your future working life, interacting with technology will feel as intuitive and natural as working with other people. You will tap the powers of artificial intelligence to your ends without communication barriers to impede you. And you will work together in a spirit of trust – hand in hand, as the saying goes. After all, everyone’s wellbeing and motivation benefits from a good vibe at the workplace.