My robot coworker

Robots will be a ubiquitous tool for future manufacturing work. State-of-the-art sensor technology will allow people to co-work closely and safely even with heavy robots. The workplace is sure to be healthier when robots shoulder the burden of hard physical labor and heavy lifting.

However, no advance will be more important than the ability to program and control future robot systems intuitively. In many cases, elaborate projects to plan, program and roll out industrial robots will be unnecessary once people can create and edit robot pro-grams quickly and easily on intuitive graphical user interfaces – or simply show the robot what needs to be done. Even staff without specialized skills will be able to set up and program robot systems on their own. And this will make manufacturing work more var-ied, flexible and responsible.

Playfully program a robot

Whatever your future occupation may be, you too will have to deal with robots in various situations on the job. You hand strenuous tasks over to a robot or work hand in hand with it. Perhaps you will even write programs for your robot or modify them to suit your needs. Robots are getting to be more and more reliable coworkers.