Personalized support

Assistance systems will become indispensable as job tasks grow increasingly varied and challenging. Smart assistance systems ease into real-world workflows and fit right in. They analyze the work in progress and project instructions for the next job step straight to the place where this information is needed.

Rather than focusing exclusively on individual predefined tasks, future assistance systems will offer end-to-end support for all situations in working life. Like a bespoke personal service, they will adapt to the individual’s qualifications, needs and preferences.

These assistance systems will be a strategic asset that helps businesses tackle the tower-ing challenges of tomorrow’s work. They will develop skills dynamically and in line with the company’s needs, and enable many more people to take part in working life.

Get a step-by-step instruction for the assembly

Does anyone really want to do the same things over and over again? It’s a good thing that many routine tasks can be automated. Your work will be all the richer for it with greater variety and more challenging tasks. Nobody knows exactly what skills you’ll need for tomorrow’s working world. But we do know this: There will be assistance systems to help you to find your way around, to stay dynamic, and to acquire the skills you need to tackle emerging tasks.