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Tomorrows Working Worlds #Futurework

Tomorrows Working Worlds #Futurework



Digital and connected

Connected plants, machines, tools and products can communicate and convey their status and of every process or object there is a “digital twin. In a VR movie, the visitor experiences how projects will be planned an carried out in a virtual factory of the future.


Personalized support

Assistance systems will become indispensable as job tasks grow increasingly varied and challenging. Smart assistance systems ease into real-world workflows and fit right in. They analyze the work in progress and project instructions for the next job step straight to the place where this information is needed. A video explains how this will work.


Hand in hand :-)

People and technology will collaborate in the spirit of partnership and the way people interact and communicate with technolgy is also changing radically. The visitor can experience virtually how robot Emili guides him through his working day as a production worker of the future.


My robot coworker

Robots will be a ubiquitous tool for future manufacturing work. State-of-the-art sensor technology will allow people to co-work closely and safely even with heavy robots. An augmented reality application shows visitors how easy this will work.



Virtual trials

Doctors will be able to test drug therapy options on physical models and optimize the regimen for the given patient. In the role of the docotr, the visitor can adjust the individual dosage in a VR application under a microscope of adipose tissue on Organs-on-a-Chip.



Made to measure

Implants will no longer be manufactured to a standard; they will be made individually for each patient on demand. Visitors can assume the role of a lab technician of the future and can create made-to-measure bone implants with a hand-tracking application.


People first

As technology lightens nursing and rehab staff’s workload, more human resources can be devoted to more personal patient care. In a mixed-reality-application the visitor immerse himself in a care / rehab room of the future and experiences what robots and automation do for him as a caregiver.


24/7 support

With wearables’ body sensors to detect biosignals, anyone will be able to monitor their physical condition. In a demo, the visitor takes on the role of a health or care manager of the future, who uses this technique to monitor the health of his patients.