Virtual trials

Physicians will have access to a wealth of information the very first time they see a patient. All will be revealed, from previous illnesses and treatments through to day-to-day stress factors and issues. These findings, biosignals and images will be sourced from the electronic files of other health facilities, and from patients' personal health and recrea-tional devices. Big data analytics will tap the experience gained in many similar cases and provide insight into therapy options. Even rare diseases will become easier to treat.

Doctors will also be able to test drug therapy options on physical models and optimize the regimen for the given patient. Medications produced on the basis of these models will help in the fight against rare diseases, and will drastically reduce drug use. Far fewer preclinical screenings and animal experiments will be needed to bring medicines to market.

Discover the effects of medicines in the treatment room of the future

Welcome to tomorrow’s medical practice. When your patient arrives, you already know his medical history and issues. All test and examination results are presented to you. With this information and the data sourced from the patient's personal wearables, you can arrive at the right diagnosis. A quick review of similar cases on the big data cloud lets you learn from the experience and best practices of others. Before you prescribe medication to your patient, you test the therapy on a physical model such as an organ-on-a-chip.