High Performance Center

Smart Production

The High Performance Center “Smart Production“ Chemnitz focuses on interdisciplinary profiling clustering in organizing strategic research foci, while considering the actors of Saxon production research, of research regarding material and lightweight construction and the actors of the electronics industry. The following fields of action have been identified, among others: 3D production technologies, self-adapting autonomous systems and product-oriented self-configuration of production chains. The individual project-specific or domain-specific transfers are bundled and combined in a new way. Thus, a large supply of innovations arises, addressing entire value-added chains and value-added networks, and serving as an incubator for ideas for business formation and for further growth, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. The High Performance Center “Smart Production” Chemnitz brings together university, businesses and research organizations in order to establish a productive innovation system with international appeal, thus creating sustainable added value for the region.