Innovation Cluster Digital Production, Stuttgart

Modern information technology is becoming an increasingly prominent feature of the modern production environment.
Digital planning, control and monitoring are already standard practice, most particularly in the factories of automobile firms and in the networks that link them with their major suppliers. Small and medium-sized enterprises are aware of the significance of digital production methods, but don’t yet employ them to any great extent.

The basic objective of the innovation cluster Digital Production is to better exploit the benefits inherent in these technologies in the interests of greater productivity by inensifying cooperation between science, research and industry.  Experience shows that the organizational aspects and a well-trained workforce are crucial factors when introducing and implementing concepts for digital production, equally as important as the functionality of the technology itself. For this reason, particular attention is devoted to these aspects.

The importance of the innovation cluster Digital Production to science and industry is underlined by the participation of well-known companies and research institutions and the support provided by national and regional government as well as the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft.

Thematic areas

  • Intelligent products: Assistance and production systems for made-to-order products
  • Manufacturing aspects of digital production; adaptive technologies for optimized quality and performance in manufacturing and assembly
  • Evolvable enterprise networks; intelligent business processes for collaborative development and production
  • Information technology as the foundation stone for digital production; support systems and technologies for implementing the digital factory
  • Management of digital production operations; strategies, methods and routes to best-in-class production

Industrial partners

The work of the innovation cluster is based on collaboration with numerous companies of all sizes in a variety of industrial sectors, including: 

C. & E. Fein GmbH
Carl Zeiss AG
DaimlerChrysler AG
INA Schaeffler KG
Voith AG
and many others