Fraunhofer Photocatalysis Alliance

Photocatalytic active coating systems with self-cleaning, anti-bacterial, foul-resistant or fog-reducing characteristics are the central focus of the R&D work carried out by the Fraunhofer Photocatalysis Alliance. 

The aim of the alliance is the development and characterization of new material and coating concepts for higher-performance photocatalysts and their application on various surfaces such as glass, plastics and metals.

The six participating institutes bring a comprehensive, diverse set of competencies to the alliance: material, coating and process development, analysis techniques and test and measurement systems assessing air- and self-cleaning and biological activity and ecotoxicological environmental impact.

Application fields

  • Automotive and transport: Indoor air cleaning, anti-fogging, NOx-Reduction
  • Building and construction: Self-cleaning facades and windows, odor and pollution reduction
  • Environment and energy: Environmentally friendly hydrogen production,CO2- use or conversion
  • Process- and waste water: Pollutant decomposition and sterilization
  • Hygiene and medical technology: Antimicrobial functionalization of surfaces, decontamination