Global Research Alliance

Fraunhofer is a member of the Global Research Alliance

The Global Research Alliance uses the best science and technology to solve some of the biggest problems in the developing world. These global issues span borders, cultures and religions and require a cross-boundary response. As a member of the GRA, Fraunhofer is in partnership with the eight other members to deliver innovative, affordable and appropriate solutions to improve the lives of people in developing countries.

  • The Global Research Alliance (GRA) is a collaborative platform for nine of the world’s leading research agencies to unite their expertise to improve well-being in developing countries and tackle the growing challenges of sustainable development. Through this network, the GRA has access to over 60,000 scientists and engineers.

    This enables the GRA to assemble the most effective cross cultural and multiple-disciplinary teams to deliver innovative and practical solutions.
    The GRA also aligns its work with the Millennium Development Goals, with priority areas including water, health, energy, food security, and information and communication technologies and targets communities living in Africa, south Asia and Southeast Asia.
    Using a partnership-based approach the GRA aims to work with local organisations in an inclusive manner to deliver the outcomes of our work, ensuring appropriate and affordable approaches are implemented.

    Through the combined strength of its members, the GRA aims to:

    mobilize the creative energy of our globally and culturally diverse researchers to address global challenges through innovation
  • unite and share the breadth and depth of our science and technology resources with local partners, communities and collaborators
  • generate and implement appropriate, affordable and sustainable solutions with positive and lasting impact