Press Kit ILA Berlin 2018

The ILA is the leading innovation fair for the aerospace industry. It takes place from April 25th to 29th, 2018 at the ExpoCenter Airport in Berlin. Fraunhofer is represented with two large stands in hall 2 (booth 229) and hall 4 (booth 202) as well as numerous booth participations. Topics of the fair appearance are among other things new technology trends for assembly and production of airplanes, such as additive manufacturing, Industrie 4.0, digitization or lightweight construction. Further focal points are sustainable flying and application-oriented research for space travel.


Wednesday, April 25th, 2018, 02:00 pm to 06:00 pm, ILA ConferenceCenter, Hall 1, Room CHARLIE:

Fraunhofer Aviation Conference: Digital Reality for Production and MRO Innovations


Thursday, April 26th, 2018, 11:00 am to 12:30 pm, ILA exhibition grounds, Hall 2, Booth 229 (with transition to Hall 4, Booth 202):

Press Tour Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft »Applied Aerospace Research«

(followed by lunch)


Thursday, April 26th, 2018, 14:00 pm to 17:00 pm, ILA ConferenceCenter, Hall 1:

ecoDESIGN and Sustainable Productivity conference

The conference will cover presentations on technical ecoDESIGN activities in the areas of:

  • Materials, Processes and Resources
  • Manufacturing and Production
  • MRO and Data Management
  • Re-use and End of Life



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Press Releases


With low pressure to the lightweight aircraft

Engineers at the Fraunhofer-Institut für Werkstoff- und Strahltechnik IWS in Dresden have developed an innovative process in cooperation with industrial partners to weld and form modern lightweight parts for aircraft. They present this technology at the International Aerospace Exhibition ILA in Berlin from 25 to 29 April 2018.


Coaxial wire cladding in the next generation

The next generation‘s laser wire processing optics "COAXwire" is in the starting blocks. At the Hannover Messe and the ILA Berlin, the Fraunhofer-Institut IWS Dresden presents two versions of its coaxial wire optics. A completely newly developed miniaturized version enables high-precision processing of complex components with fine wire.


Direct bonding of diffraction gratings and prisms for earth observation

Experts from the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering IOF in Jena are able for the first time to connect compact prism grid systems by direct bonding permanently and without adhesives. The technology is particularly suitable for precision optics in vacuum and has been tested for space use.


CFRP recycling: into the battery instead of the garbage

Carbon fiber-reinforced plastics are gaining importance as components of aircraft. The trend is increasing the need for sustainable recycling concepts. At the ILA from April 25 to 29, 2018 in Berlin (Hall 2, Booth 304), Fraunhofer will present a technology that converts recycled carbon fibers into materials for batteries and fuel cells. This saves costs, improves the CO2 balance and opens up new means of recycling in aircraft production.


Laser alternative to hexavalent chromium coating

The Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT is showcasing extreme high-speed Laser Material Deposition (EHLA): A video documents how for metal components that are highly loaded, EHLA has already proved itself as an alternative to hard chrome plating, which is now allowed only under special conditions.


Fly with individually air-conditioned seats

Fraunhofer partner Gentherm has developed an air-conditioned business-class seat (Aviation Double Seat). This has a combination of active seat ventilation using thermoelectrics and heat control using several heating elements. The result is a permanently comfortable, dry climate on the seat surface. The Aviation Double Seat will be on display at the ILA Berlin 2018 at the joint Fraunhofer booth 229 in Hall 2 from April 25th to 29th.


Fully equipped for space

Space travel should be safe, cost-effective and environmentally friendly. A new radar system for the detection of space debris, special software for the vulnerability analysis of satellites, the versatile small satellite ERNST and a high-performance eco-fuel all combine to make this possible.


Automated lightweight construction reduces weight and costs

The aircraft of the future flies electrically and autonomously, is feather-light and can be conveniently produced in a fully automated manner. Lightweight construction is already indispensable today an digital manufacturing processes are about to be applied. Fraunhofer will present new automated production technologies for lightweight construction materials at the ILA at the Berlin ExpoCenter Airport (Hall 2, Booth 229).


Traveling into space

Low Earth orbit increasingly resembles an overcrowded junkyard. Disused satellites, burned-out rocket stages and thousands of pieces of debris produced by collisions – all these things pose a threat to infrastructure in space.


Space observation with radar

Satellites in near-Earth orbit are at risk due to the steady increase in space debris. But their mission in the areas of telecommunications, navigation or weather forecasts is essential for society. Fraunhofer FHR therefore develops radar-based systems which allow the detection, tracking and cataloging of even the smallest particles of debris.


Research to make flying healthful, comfortable and sustainable

With the aim of transporting passengers to their scheduled destinations in a more healthful, comfortable, economic and environmentally friendly way, the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics IBP is continuously doing research on improving aircraft. Meet Fraunhofer IBP researchers at ILA Berlin 2018 in Hall 2, stand 229.


Cost-effective carbon fibers for light-weight construction

The ComCarbon® technology from the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research IAP will make it possible in the future to produce carbon fibers at low cost for the mass market. The institute will present this new technology at the leading aerospace trade fair, the ILA Berlin 2018, from April 25 – 29. Examples of applications for polymer-based lightweight construction and function-integrated plastics will also be presented.