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Electronic media is playing an increasingly important role in education and training. Schools and universities are taking advantage of new teaching channels, while computer-based vocational education is an increasingly popular option.

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With Songs2See learning an instrument will be like child play. The software takes the concept of music video games to the next level. It uses real musical instruments instead of video game controllers. Users can choose any song title from their own music collection, use the software to create training material and practice with their own instrument. This motivates and improves both musical knowledge and motor skills – instead of the mere memorizing of key combinations on a video game controller.

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Roberta – Learning with Robots

Roberta - Lernen mit Robotern
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Roberta addresses the lack of engineers by raising girls' and boys' interest in the technical professions. The successful concept of the German project »Roberta« has been adapted in the EU-funded project »Roberta goes EU« to investigate its usability and explore opportunities for its dissemination to other European countries. With the use of standardized robotics kits, Roberta allows a hands-on introduction to technology.

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Open Roberta Challenge


HOPSCOTCH consists of software and a sensor pad which is subdivided into nine fields similar to a mobile phone keypad. With HOPSCOTCH, the users are animated to solve tasks like English vocabulary, maths or health issues by tapping on the corresponding fields on the pad. The solution is entered by tapping in the correct characters or numbers in correct order – as if typing a text message.

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Interactive Trabant Tour in the DDR Museum


Take a Trabant on a drive that's so realistic you'd think you were back in the German Democratic Republic when actually you're in a museum. A partnership between the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute and the DDR Museum in Berlin has produced a simulation of what it was like to drive a Trabi back then. A 3D high-rise prefab housing estate is now projected on the vehicle’s windscreen through which visitors can drive the car. Along with the development of a virtual GDR world as a driving simulation, the original steering wheel, accelerator and brakes have also been modified so that visitors themselves can steer, accelerate and brake the car. This genuine hands-on driving experience is heightened by original recordings of the car’s two-stroke engine and the realistic 3D simulation of the high rise housing estate to give visitors a genuine taste of everyday life in the GDR.

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