Communication and Knowledge – Embedded Systems

While a computer may control a workstation or a home network, tiny, complex computer systems have also found their way into credit/debit cards, smartcards, cell phones and car keys. Fraunhofer scientists are conducting research into embedded-system solutions that make these mini-computers more efficient and more secure.

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s-net® – Technology for Extremely Power-Efficient Wireless Sensor Networks

With s-net®, extremely energy-saving communication, location tracking and sensor functionality with application logic and process knowledge can be combined on a single platform. This makes it the ideal radio technology for industrial users in applications involving the digitalization of processes. The broad adaptability of the communication protocols and various hardware reference designs makes it possible to create tailored solutions for every application. Rapid product development is possible through licensing existing solution components, while the interaction of the hardware reference design and s-net® communication protocol facilitates flexible, bi-directional multi-hop wireless connectivity for embedded systems. Benefits for the user include hot plug-and-play as a result of independent organization of the network structure, low maintenance requirements thanks to inductive charging or energy harvesting, robust communication due to adaptive frequency band allocation and redundant communication paths.

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Electronics in textiles

Textiles are as ubiquitous as electronic technology in our daily lives. High-tech fabrics combine the two to create smart textiles, such as ones that feature integrated sensors or lighting. But fabrics behave differently to electronics, so scientists are developing reliable joining methods for use in various applications. These areas range from fashion, safety and functional clothing to include medical applications, logistics and large-scale textiles used in space and construction.

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