Communication and Knowledge – Image Processing

Fraunhofer institutes are developing solutions, including all the handling components, in the field of machine vision, image processing and optical measurement and testing technology. Key areas include optical measurement and automatic inspection for quality assurance. Standard cameras, custom solutions, infrared cameras or x-ray sensors are used as imaging sensors.

Kommunikation und Wissen


InfoLand: Information visualization – easy, interactive, elegant

nfoLand: Visualisierung von Informationen für Unternehmenswelten und andere komplexe Sachverhalte
© Fraunhofer IGD

Using the InfoLand service and presentation tool, we show you the importance of visual communication in getting your content across and how it supports the decision making process. InfoLand lets you quickly integrate existing media such as texts, images, videos or 3D landscapes, and visualize complex content in an intelligent way. As such, this visual communication tool allows you to create and implement virtual journeys through complex information landscapes.

InfoLand is your way to communicate the corporate world, product portfolios, service suites or complex facts and processes in an exciting way. Users include the German embassy in Singapore, where visitors can learn about Germany easily and intuitively. The city of Singapore uses InfoLand to visualize its master plan governing how space is to be used in future urban development.


Digitalisierung vonWeltkulturerbe - CultLab3D
© Fraunhofer IGD

All over the world, wars and natural disasters threaten the continued existence of our cultural treasures. CultLab3D captures and records not only artifacts’ geometry and texture but also their optical material properties. For example, the same point on the surface of a mineral can differ in appearance depending on perspective and the angle of incident light, as its absorption and reflection properties are different in each direction.

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SHORE™ – Object and face recognition

Gesichts- und Objekterkennung SHORE™
© Fraunhofer IIS / Kurt Fuchs

SHORE™ is the result of years of research and development activities, which culminated in a highly-optimized software library. The software enables the detection of objects and faces, as well as detailed facial analyses. Because of the high degree of optimization, it can be adapted to nearly any platform and operating system, especially mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

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Fraunhofer Information and Communication Technology Group

The Fraunhofer Information and Communication Technology Group serves as a one-stop shop for industrial customers and media enterprises.

Fraunhofer Vision Alliance

The allianced institutes offer services relating to applications of innovative sensors, from infrared to x-ray, plus the associated handling apparatus.