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We're surrounded by information technology whether we realize it or not. We have come to depend on the security and reliability of these systems, because personal and business data have also become a lucrative target for criminals. Fraunhofer researchers are working on tomorrow's security technologies: mobile security solutions, Internet early-warning for rapid threat identification, and data protection using secure digital identities, electronic ID cards and signatures. Fraunhofer specialists have created hardware and software to support rescue teams in the shape of autonomous robots, the SmartControlRoom and the digital situation table.

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New security procedures secure the intelligent factory

At the Hannover Messe from April 24 to 28, 2017, Fraunhofer researchers will present two new procedures for the protection of Industrie 4.0 production facilities (Hall 2, Booth C16/C22): here, a self-learning system recognizes security incidents in manufacturing facilities without knowledge of the underlying system architecture. Hardware-based security modules report manipulation tests on machines and components.

OrchSec – Security for corporate networks

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Companies can use software-defined networking (SDN) to make their networks more efficient by utilizing software to centrally manage programmable network components. A number of companies already use SDN in their networks and data centers in order to simplify network management, improve flexibility and so cut costs. OrchSec (Orchestrator for Security Applications) is a Fraunhofer SIT solution that harnesses the advantages of SDN to offer a higher level of network security than would be possible in a conventional network.

Software platform for TPM 2.0: Security for automotive IT, industry 4.0 and critical infrastructure

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The Internet of Things is vulnerable at many points: hackers can manipulate industrial facilities and steelworks, steal user data, unlock cars and even take over the wheel. In order to prevent these sorts of attacks, Fraunhofer SIT has developed a solution that protects embedded IT systems from unwanted manipulation. TPM software platform 2.0 is based on open standards and offers manufacturers great flexibility in the implementation of security architectures. At CeBIT, the institute will be showcasing a development for secure vehicle firmware updates.

Popular Encryption

Information und Kommunikation: IT-Sicherheit und Sicherheit durch IT
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Sending emails is as easy as pie. However, until now a lot of know-how has been required to securely encrypt them. This is bound to change: Deutsche Telekom and the Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology SIT in Darmstadt will be making encryption easy – with a popular encryption named Volksverschlüsselung.

On the way to a safe and secure smart home

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Building management with a tablet computer: In several modern office buildings, lights, louvers (blinds) and doors can be centrally controlled via the Internet. That brings gains in efficiency – but it holds risks, as well.

A growing number of household operations can be managed via the Internet. Today’s “Smart Home” promises efficient building management. But often the systems are not secure and can only be retrofitted at great expense. Scientists are working on a software product that defends against hacker attacks before they reach the building.

App-Ray – Automatic security analysis of android apps

Inadequate app security mechanisms pose a major challenge for individuals and businesses that use applications. It is difficult to judge which apps are trustworthy and therefore suitable for corporate use. App-Ray allows companies to fully automatically analyze and assess the safety of Android apps according to their own pre-defined criteria. This app analysis is flexible and can be tailored to all manner of company policies. What’s more, the software allows IT departments to specify that apps may only communicate using encrypted data, something that is becoming increasingly important in today's world.

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Safe production in industry 4.0

IT-Security is a critical success factor for practice-oriented and extensive Industry 4.0 solutions. Creating safe production networks and their reliable connection with other company parts as well as the outside world poses a challenge. This affects the conception, the implementation, the configuration and the company. In a specially equipped IT-security laboratory for industrial production the Fraunhofer IOSB detects weak spots in production networks and attack scenarios against automated facilities.

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Fraunhofer Information and Communication Technology Group

The Fraunhofer Information and Communication Technology Group serves as a one-stop shop for industrial customers and media enterprises.

National Research Center for Applied Cybersecurity CRISP

More than 500 scientists are carrying out research and development on important cybersecurity issues and questions to the direct benefit of society, business and government. In the age of digitalization cybersecurity is the central cross-cutting issue that concerns all people, whether they are young or old, at work or at home, companies of all economic sectors, and public authorities on all levels, federal, state, cities and municipalities.


International Data Spaces

Digitization is both driver and enabler of innovative business models. Key resource for enterprises to succeed in this endeavor is data. A prerequisite for smart services, innovative value propositions and automated business processes is the secure exchange and the easy combination of data within value networks.

In this context, the International Data Spaces initiative aims at creating a secure data space that supports enterprises of different industries and different sizes in the autonomous management of data.

The International Data Spaces initiative is not limited by any geographic boundary, but clearly has a European and international ambition.