Communication and Knowledge – Simulated reality

Virtual and augmented reality are already firmly established in the video-game industry. But industrial development is also taking advantage of this technology, not least in light of an increasingly shorter time-to-market. The use of computer-based simulation techniques is playing a key role here. Fraunhofer researchers are developing simulation solutions in the fields of production and logistics, industrial processing, component behavior and fluid mechanics.

Kommunikation und Wissen


Sky Light Sky Bright – in the office: virtual sky

Working under the open sky – it sounds enticing, but it’s seldom really a practical option. Now, a dynamic luminous ceiling brings the sky into office spaces by creating the effect of passing clouds. This kind of lighting generates a pleasant working environment.

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Fraunhofer Information and Communication Technology Group

The Fraunhofer Information and Communication Technology Group serves as a one-stop shop for industrial customers and media enterprises.

Fraunhofer Numerical Simulation of Products, Processes Alliance

Twenty institutes pool their expertise in the development and improvement of simulation techniques.