Energy and Resources

Without energy we would have no warm homes, no hot water for showers, and no electricity to keep food chilled, operate appliances or allow us to work at the computer. Up to now our economy has been driven – and our homes made comfortable – by oil, coal and gas. Slowly but surely, these natural resources are running out. If we want to continue to enjoy affordable power, heat and cooling in the future, we need to become more efficient in the way we use energy, get better at storing it reliably and try harder to develop renewable energy sources.

Energie und Rohstoffe

Fraunhofer Alliances

Fraunhofer Energy Alliance

The Fraunhofer Energy Alliance is one of Europe's largest energy research organizations.

Fraunhofer Battery Alliance

Research work at the Fraunhofer Network focuses on batteries and supercaps, including redox flow systems.

Fraunhofer Building Innovation Alliance

In the current questions of energy policy and urban development construction industry plays a key role.

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In the project »C/sells« scientists from Fraunhofer ISI, together with 60 partners, investigate how decentral energy systems, made up of many small energy sources can work reliably and efficiently.



What will the Energy Transformation Cost?

Considering all sectors and energy carriers, the model-based study investigates scenarios of system development and related costs to transform Germany’s energy system in line with climate protection targets.


The Fraunhofer-inHaus-Center in Duisburg, Germany, is an innovation workshop that is unique in Europe. It carries out application-oriented and close-to-the-market research in the field of intelligent room and building systems.