Energy and Resources – Efficient use of energy

Technologies that boost efficiency will play a crucial part in the energy supply of the future. Every kilowatt hour we can save by making electrical appliances more efficient, and every liter of oil that doesn’t have to used up for heating thanks to good insulation, helps conserve resources and protect our environment.

Energie und Rohstoffe


Efficient thermal cooling and heating

© Photo Fraunhofer ISE

Thermal systems use heat to produce cold, and vice versa. To do so, a material is needed that can dissipate water vapor particularly well and quickly. A new method simply applies this property as a layer onto the components.

Heating with powder and plastic wastes

Bild: Pilotanlage
© Photo Fraunhofer IFF

Disposing of waste – whether it is coating powder or swarf – is expensive. In the future, a combustor for powdery residues will enable companies to cut disposal costs and heating costs at the same time.

Fraunhofer Lighthouse Project: E³-Production

E3-Production, Fraunhofer, Energy and resources, Emissions-neutral. Ergonomics in manufacturing, lighthouse project

What will the manufacturing industry of tomorrow look like? E³ stands for Efficiency, Emissions reduction, and Ergonomics. The E³ project aims to develop concepts and technologies that support integrated materials-flow and energy management.

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