Energy and Resources – Energy storage and management

Solar parks, wind turbines, biomass facilities – more and more electrical energy is coming from decentralized sources where supply can vary dramatically. After all, wind and solar energy are dependent on the weather and the time of day. Smart grids, innovative storage solutions and energy management systems will make it possible to use renewable energy as and when it is required and keep the grid stable.

Energie und Rohstoffe


Redox flow battery

More and more electricity is being generated from intermittent sources of power, such as solar and wind energy. Powerful electric energy storage devices are necessary to level out corresponding irregularities in the power supply. Fraunhofer scientists have recently made an important breakthrough with their development of a redox flow battery that reaches stack power up to 25 kW, with a cell size of 0.5 square meters.

HYPOS – Hydrogen Production Using Surplus Power

The HYPOS project proposes to convert the power from wind and solar energy plants into hydrogen so as to always be able to supply the requested amount of energy and materials. To achieve this, surplus power is to be converted into hydrogen through chemical processes so that it can be stored, transported and used continuously.

EMBATT bipolar battery

The EMBATT technology is a bipolar battery concept developed by Fraunhofer IKTS and partners from the industry with the aim of achieving energy densities of more than 450 Wh/l on the system level based on conventional Li-ion active materials, thus increasing the reach of electric vehicles The standout feature of the bipolar structure is that both electrodes are applied onto the same distributor foil, which means they can be stacked directly onto one another and electrically wired in series. Compared with a monopolar structure, a large part of the packaging and connecting materials can be done away with, and the battery can reach higher system voltages.

Energy Charts

Online energy charts make german energy transformation transparent for all. Fraunhofer ISE now provides online electrical energy data for Germany promptly and free-of-charge. Interactive data charts, which can be individually tailored by the user, display the power produced in Germany from all conventional and renewable sources as well as import and export data.


Center for Energy Storage

The availability of renewable energies such as wind and solar power is subject to natural fluctuations, so that the generation of power is coupled with an insufficient supply or surplus of electric energy. These fluctuations have to be balanced out by starting up and shutting down power stations or, preferably, using suitable energy storage systems. The “Center for Energy Storage”, funded by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technology, has provided assistance to Bavarian industry, the municipalities and policy-makers, and has also been the competent institution to consult about key technologies in the field of chemical and thermal energy storage.