Health and Environment – Assistance systems

Intelligent assistance systems offer support in healthcare, diagnosis, therapy and patient care. Technologies, products and services come together to form comprehensive system solutions that enable people to lead independent lives within the comfort of their own »four walls« regardless of illness and aging.

Gesundheit und Umwelt


Care-Jack – power vest

© Photo Fraunhofer IPK/IZM

The CareJack vest supports the back without restricting freedom of movement.

Each year millions of people within the EU injure themselves in the course of their work due to picking up heavy loads or from one-sided movements – ending up with serious health issues. Together with the industry, Fraunhofer researchers are developing a vest designed to take the burden off caregivers and others with physically demanding jobs.

Care-O-bot® – The Service Robot

Serviceroboter Care-O-bot
© Photo Fraunhofer IPA

Whether they’re serving drinks or carrying heavy loads, in a few years’ time , mobile robots could be helping in our homes. Engineers have developed a new model of universal helper – the fourth generation of the Care-O-bot®. This robot may also serve as the basis for commercial service robot solutions.

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Adaptable ambient living assistant for elderly people – ALIAS

Anwenderstudie mit ALIAS
© Photo Fraunhofer IDMT

The goal of the »ALIAS« project is to develop a speech controlled mobile robot system to support the elderly in everyday life. For this, the robot is not intended to replace relationships between people, but to help the user to maintain and extend existing contacts using modern telecommunications technology. The project's concern is to support the social integration of elderly people to avoid imminent isolation. In addition, to retain the quality of life, the user's cognitive activities are also to be stimulated.

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Fraunhofer Research Units

Transfer Center for User-Oriented Assistance Systems

In collaboration with the Oldenburg-based project group for Hearing, Speech and Audio Technology, as well as social services providers and regional companies, the Transfer Center conducts research in the pioneering area of assistive technologies. Here the focus is on innovations that improve the everyday lives of the elderly and infirm in particular.