Flight laboratory

Fraunhofer Flight Test Facility at Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics IBP

Researchers at Fraunhofer IBP are currently working on specific technologies designed to optimize the comfort of airline passengers. Their main focus is on the indoor climate on airplanes, which is a frequent source of complaints.

As well as using human test subjects, the researchers also rely on feedback from objective measurements as well as virtual systems. The DressMAN 2.0 climate measuring system has been specially developed by Fraunhofer IBP to monitor the indoor climate in aircraft, vehicles and offices.

As well as measuring the air temperature, this novel system also considers the effects of air velocity and thermal radiation. The innovative sensor developed by the Fraunhofer researchers is also capable of measuring the equivalent temperature, which is the temperature an air parcel with the mean radiant temperature equal to air temperature and still air in which a person would have the same heat exchange by convection and radiation as in the actual conditions.

This enables the scientists to describe thermal environmental conditions in terms of a single value, thereby opening up the possibility of running comparative assessments of different climate scenarios with the ultimate goal of optimizing the indoor climate.

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