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Climate change and increasing resource scarcity is today causing many people to reshape their lives in favor of a more considered and sustainable existence. New lifestyle models, modern technologies and pollution call for new mobility solutions. Fraunhofer scientists are analyzing and evaluating the development of trends within the fields of mobility and transport in light of what this means for the future.

Mobilität und Transport


Mobility plus: Future scenarios for autonomous driving

With its AFKOS study, Fraunhofer IAO presents solutions for urban transportation based on autonomous vehicles.

Profilregion Mobilitätssysteme Karlsruhe

The Profilregion Mobilitätssysteme Karlsruhe stands for the networking of regional partners in the field of mobility research in order to jointly develop efficient, intelligent and integrated solutions in a High Performance Centre.

Around the core of the founding partners, the network is to be permanently expanded through the integration of industrial partners from medium-sized businesses to large-scale industry. The common goals are to enable a bidirectional exchange of knowledge between research institutions and industry, to create research agendas, to initiate joint project projects and to develop synergy potentials in order to generate the greatest possible benefit for all participants.

Envisioning tomorrow’s transportation in Germany and the USA

Scientists, businesses, and policymakers worldwide are striving toward sustainable transportation solutions that will transform urban life. Fraunhofer IAO and Hessischer Rundfunk (HR), a German regional broadcaster, have joined forces in a cross-media project to envision the future of urban transportation in both countries. Part of Deutschlandjahr USA (an initiative to promote German-American friendship), this project builds on the impressions of experts and users who were sent on a virtual-reality journey through time to experience what mobility may be like in 2049.

Fraunhofer Mobility

Fraunhofer Mobility is an interdisciplinary group of Fraunhofer Institutes that combines Fraunhofer expertise on issues surrounding the transition to new forms of mobility.