Mobility and Transportation – Rail Technology

Organizing the daily transportation of people and goods is a complex logistical challenge that requires a functioning infrastructure and modern rail vehicles. Fraunhofer researchers are investigating ways to make rail transport fast, safe, reliable, environmentally friendly and cost effective by addressing aspects such as transport and network planning, the optimization and development of new manufacturing and maintenance processes, and ways to improve passenger comfort.

Mobilität und Transport



What would a transport system look like that satisfies people’s mobility needs with reduced impact on the environment, requiring less resources and which is economically viable?

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Railway Measurement

Fraunhofer IPM develops optical measuring systems to monitor the condition of rail networks and moving trains. The measuring systems are equipped with laser scanners or fast image processing systems and record measurement data at speeds of 100 kilometers per hour and more. They measure the wear and position of contact wires as well as clearance profiles and detect the position of poles – swiftly, precisely and reliably.

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Fraunhofer Rail

Fraunhofer Rail concentrates specific know-how, experience and research capacity of eight individual Fraunhofer-institutes.