Production and Supply of Services – Automobile and Plant Engineering

More and more varieties of automotive models are penetrating the market, product lifespans are getting shorter, and energy costs are soaring. Above all, the protracted ramp-up time in auto body assembly are causing problems for manufacturers: They have to adapt production systems to each of the new parts and assemblies, which is highly time-intensive.Fraunhofer researchers are working on reducing the ramp-up times in order to ensure a faster and more efficient production process.

Produktion und Dienstleistung


»ARENA2036« – Manufacturing the automobile of tomorrow

The cooperative research environment “ARENA2036” develops competitive production models for the next generation of automobiles. Whereas today’s automobiles are manufactured in sync with the production line, tomorrow’s manufacturing systems will be decoupled, fully-flexible and highly-integrated.

Researchers from the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA, the University of Stuttgart and also representatives from companies, such as Daimler and Bosch, are working on new methods for producing and assembling lightweight vehicle structures as well as evaluating their suitability for use in practice. The environment also serves as a motor for promoting young talent, vocational training and equal opportunities.

Green carbody technologies

The Green Car Body Technologies Innovation Alliance is a technology-related production initiative on the part of automobile manufacturers, suppliers and outfitters, the steel industry and the three Fraunhofer production technology Institutes tasked with researching efficient and sustainable production processes for car bodies.

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Fraunhofer AutoMOBILE Production Alliance

The Fraunhofer Alliance pools the expertise of 18 institutes, who collectively provide the German automotive industry with a competent single-source partner for its research and development needs.

Fraunhofer Innovation Cluster Adaptive Production for Resource Efficiency in Energy Generation and Mobility

For a long time in the foreseeable future, turbomachinery engines - e.g. for energy supply - will remain largely dependent on fossil fuels, since renewable energies are still far from covering today’s needs.

Innovation Cluster »Life Cycle Engineering for Turbomachines«, Berlin/Brandenburg

The established concept of »Life Cycle Engineering« (LCE) looks at every life phase of a product in a holistic way.

Mechatronic Machine Systems

The aim of the cluster is to develop manufacturing tools based on mechatronics that will help companies to design processes and manufacture products to exceedingly high standards.

Fraunhofer Group for Production

The Fraunhofer Group for Production is a cooperative venture, created with the aim of collaborating on production-oriented research and development to offer customers comprehensive single-source solutions.

Fraunhofer Project Centre Wolfsburg: Electromobility and Lightweight Construction

The work at the "Fraunhofer Project Centre Wolfsburg" concentrates on the three major topics: "Textile manufacturing chain", "Hybrid materials with metallic matrix" and "Components for electric vehicles".