Production and Supply of Services – Product Development

Minimal time-to-market: Anyone looking to achieve this objective nowadays has no option but to turn to computer-based simulation. State-of-the-art simulation technology allows the properties of components and products to be tested right from the design phase. Additive production techniques facilitate the rapid, cost-effective production of tailor-made prototypes and models. 

Produktion und Dienstleistung


Symbiose virtueller und experimenteller Methoden in der Produktion sichern Standortvorteile

Digitalisierung, Prüftechnik

Mechanische Hardware-in-the-Loop-Schnittstelle.
© Fraunhofer LBF / Raapke
Mechanische Hardware-in-the-Loop-Schnittstelle.

Experten des Fraunhofer-Instituts für Betriebsfestigkeit und Systemzuverlässigkeit LBF haben sich mit der Fragestellung beschäftigt, wie der Entwicklungsweg von der Idee zum kundenspezifisch individualisierten Produkt maßgeblich beschleunigt werden kann.

Lighthouse project "futureAM" – Next Generation Additive Manufacturing

Mit Additive Manufacturing gefertigtes Metallbauteil
© Fraunhofer ILT

The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft has created futureAM to systematically and continuously develop the additive manufacturing (AM) of metallic components. For this purpose, six project partners – the Fraunhofer Research Institution IAPT and the Fraunhofer Institutes IFAM, IGD, ILT, IWS and IWU, all with a wealth of experience in the field of additive manufacturing, have entered into a strategic project partnership with two major goals: 1.: Establishing a comprehensive cooperation platform for the highly integrated cooperation and use of the decentrally distributed resources of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft in the field of AM and 2.: creating the technological prerequisites to increase scalability, productivity and quality of AM processes in a way relevant to praxis for the production of tailor-made metal components.

Fraunhofer Group for Production

The Fraunhofer Group for Production is a cooperative venture, created with the aim of collaborating on production-oriented research and development to offer customers comprehensive single-source solutions.

Fraunhofer Numerical Simulation of Products, Processes Alliance

The simulation of products and processes today plays a decisive role in all phases of the product life cycle.