Security and Protection – Protecting infrastructures

Energy and water, safe roads and airports, an efficient communications infrastructure, medical care and lots more must always be available. Our modern society is highly complex and vulnerable. Small disruptions can quickly have drastic effects. New camera and image analysis systems can prevent this from happening and increase safety.

Sicherheit und Vorsorge


BESECURE – an Interactive Web Application for Supported Decision-Making

Urban security is a complex multi-dimensional process that is influenced by many factors. These include the sociological and economic structures of urban areas, the national political and economic landscape, and the daily activities of public institutions operating at regional level.

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Quantitative Risk Analysis for Town Planners

Since the attacks in New York, Madrid and London at the beginning of the new millennium, civilian societies have more sensitized to the particular vulnerability of urban areas. But at what point is a building in such danger that measures must be taken to protect it against terrorism? At what level of risk does action need to be taken? VITRUV, an EU project, is supplying answers to these questions by conducting civilian risk analysis in urban areas.

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Fraunhofer Group for Defense and Security

This group has been formed by Fraunhofer institutes as a means of coordinating their research activities and defining common goals in the area of »Defense and Security«.

Future Security Innovation Cluster

In the Future Security innovation cluster, six Fraunhofer Institutes, research partners, Universities, numerous companies specializing in different areas have pooled their skills in the interdisciplinary field of security research.