Security and Protection – Robust buildings and tunnels

Planning buildings to include specially adapted construction materials and structures ensures that they will be better able to withstand accidents and attacks. The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft develops technologies for the physical protection of buildings, for instance using energy-absorbing bioconcrete or walls fitted with sensors.

Sicherheit und Vorsorge


ELASSTIC – enhanced safety and strength for buildings

ELASSTIC (Enhanced Large Scale Architecture with Safety and Security Technologies and Special Information Capabilities) is a project to improve the safety and resilience of multifunctional buildings in the face of natural and anthropogenic disasters.

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Combating climate change: new planning tools help cities adapt to rapidly changing environmental conditions

The unprecedented snowfalls throughout Europe in mid-March showed that extreme weather is becoming less and less unusual. Bratislava, for example, which was still reeling from the shock of icy temperatures, faced an exceptional heatwave as early as the middle of May. RESIN (Climate Resilient Cities and Infrastructures) is a project to develop innovative planning tools that will help cities and their infrastructure adapt to climate change. The international consortium of project partners includes Fraunhofer IAIS.

Fraunhofer Group for Defense and Security

This group has been formed by Fraunhofer institutes as a means of coordinating their research activities and defining common goals in the area of »Defense and Security«.