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Public safety

Fraunhofer strengthens cooperation with police and security authorities on innovative technologies for public safety. New solutions must make it possible to prevent damage effectively and at the same time safeguard personal rights and data protection. The existing competencies include civil security, public IT and cyber security.


Safeguarding critical infrastructure

Energy, water, food, fuel, information, transportation – ensuring a supply of these essential services and commodities is vital for a properly functioning society and economy. Fraunhofer is devising solutions and strategies to safeguard our critical infrastructure.


ivisX – Integrated Video Investigation Suite

In future, police investigation teams will devote more attention to the analysis of video data available in large quantities. The availability of video data for investigative tasks will continue to increase in the future as more and more operators of highly frequented facilities and those responsible for mass events push ahead with the expansion of their video capacities.


Drone defense

Drones are useful, but they can also become dangerous if used for terrorist purposes. Fraunhofer develops technologies for defense against unmanned aerial vehicles.

Fraunhofer Group for Defense and Security

Fraunhofer Institutes have joined forces in this network to coordinate and implement their research activities in the field of Defense and Security.

The focus here lies on coordinating inter-institutional strategies with government sponsors and promoting cooperation with these institutions and the defense industry. The strategic orientation of the member institutes takes place against the background of a future European security and defense policy.