Fraunhofer Polymer Surfaces Alliance POLO

Fraunhofer POLO® is your one-stop-shop for the surface technology of plastics and natural polymers. Together with industrial partners we develop technologies for the surface modification of organic polymers. We create materials with new properties and new combinations of properties. These products provide new opportunities and help our clients to meet the challenges in a variety of application fields.

Main applications of our products

  • Ultra-barrier films
  • Antimicrobial coatings
  • Protective coatings
    • scratch
    • corrosion
    • fouling
  • Indicator coatings
  • Metallized plastics
  • Counterfeit protection
  • Process control for surface technology

Business areas

  • Coatings acting as barriers against gases and vapors
  • Surfaces affording mechanical protection
  • Composites with oxygen indicators and oxygen scavengers
  • Antistatic coatings
  • Surfaces with antimicrobial properties