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  • CDTire: Scalable Tire Model for Full Vehicle Simulation

    Fraunhofer ITWM,  Nov 03, 2014

    In this workshop, we present the complete CDTire model family as well as advanced numerical methods for tire simulation. The workshop is addressed to vehicle engineers using tire simulations for almost all application fields, such as comfort, durability, NVH, active safety and advanced handling simulation.

  • Usage Variability and Virtual Measurement Campaign

    Fraunhofer ITWM,  Nov 04, 2014

    VMC® supports the statistical assessment of durability loads and energy effi ciency in vehicle development by a systematic evaluation of geo-referenced data. This complements and enhances the currently used methods and is a big step forward in view of the large usage variability especially for commercial vehicles.

  • Advances in Food Processing: Challenges for the Future

    Royal Palm Plaza Hotel, Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil,  Nov 05, 2014 - Nov 07, 2014

    Welcome to Advances in Sustainable Food Processing: Challenges for the Future, the international congress to be held in Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil from 5-7 November 2014. Organized by Elsevier, the world's leading provider of science and health information and with the technical and scientific coordination of the Brazilian Institute of Food Technology (Instituto de Tecnologia de Alimentos, ITAL) and the Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging (Fraunhofer IVV, Germany), this international congress will address the unique challenges faced by food processing industries and researchers.

  • 3rd Workshop "Lithium-Sulfur-Batteries"

    Fraunhofer IWS, Winterbergstraße 28, 01277 Dresden, Germany,  Nov 12, 2014 - Nov 13, 2014

    Lithium-sulfur batteries are the most promising choice for future energy storage systems. Novel materials such as nanostructured carbon/sulfur composite cathodes, solid electrolytes and alloy-based anodes are expected to significantly enhance the cell’s performance.

  • High Temperature Electronics

    Duisburg,  Nov 18, 2014 - Nov 19, 2014

    High temperature electronics is a continuously growing market demanding for new technologies and concepts. Fraunhofer IMS hosts a workshop on HT electronics to provide a forum for industry and academia in this field. Follow interesting presentations on applications, circuit and system design, technologies and materials for HT applications and get in touch with users and technology providers.

  • MoLaS Technology Workshop Mobile Laser Scanning

    Freiburg/Breisgau, Germany,  Nov 26, 2014 - Nov 27, 2014

    At the MoLaS technology workshop internationally renowned experts present the latest technological trends and key technology drivers in mobile laser scanning.

  • Ultra-Barrier Manufacturing and Testing

    Fraunhofer IWS, Winterbergstraße 28, 01277 Dresden, Germany,  Nov 27, 2014

    The workshop offers a comprehensive overview of the implementation of promising concepts for ultra-barrier manufacturing and novel concepts for its reliable testing.

  • International Symposium "Additive Manufacturing"

    Fraunhofer IWS, Winterbergstraße 28, 01277 Dresden, Germany,  Feb 25, 2015 - Feb 26, 2015

    Additive manufacturing is promising a powerful boost in modern production engineering leaving behind some of the limitations of conventional product fabrication technologies. Supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Fraunhofer IWS has initiated a large-scale project with more than 40 partners shaping the future of additive manufacturing.

  • OCM - Conference on Optical Characterization of Materials

    Karlsruhe,  Mar 18, 2015 - Mar 19, 2015

    The 2nd International Conference on Optical Characterization of Materials (OCM-2015) will be organized by the Karlsruhe Center for Spectral Signatures of Materials (KCM) in cooperation with the German Chapter of the Instrumentation & Measurement Society of IEEE. KCM is an association of institutes of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and the business unit Automated Visual Inspection of the Fraunhofer Institute of Optronics, System Technologies and Image Exploitation IOSB.

  • Optical Coherence Tomography for Non-Destructive Testing

    Fraunhofer Institute Center Dresden,  Mar 25, 2015 - Mar 26, 2015

    Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) is a well-qualified tool for contactless, structural imaging of various samples. Already well-established in medical applications, in the last years the usage of OCT has been extended to diverse fields of non-destructive testing as well. In course of this progress, various devices for industrial measurements, process monitoring and research were developed.

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