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  • Lighting the way to your car

    On the new BMW 7 Series, a lighting system featuring a striped pattern of ground illumination makes it easier to enter the vehicle in the dark. Fraunhofer researchers have developed special microoptic lenses for this application to channel light from the vehicle underbody directly onto the ground, illuminating the path to the car.

  • Brilliant colors from environmentally friendly crystals

    Quantum dots have made it possible to substantially increase color quality in LCD displays. However, these cadmium-based nanocrystals have proven to be harmful to the environment. Fraunhofer researchers are working together with an industry partner to develop a promising alternative: quantum dots based on indium phosphide.

  • Positioning systems improve airport logistics

    An airport apron bustles with traffic. The tow tractors, tankers and buses moving busily around an aircraft run the risk of colliding. An enhanced positioning system will increase safety and the efficiency of logistical operations in the future – available airport capacities will be utilized better.

  • Rapid analysis of kidney stones

    Kidney stones rank among the most common illnesses. Their recurrence might be prevented with the right postoperative care. However, for this to be effective, composition of the stones should be known. Fraunhofer researchers are developing a system for rapid analysis of urinary stones immediately after the surgical procedure.

  • Low-cost wafers for solar cells

    Silicon wafers are the heart of solar cells. However, manufacturing them is not cheap. Over 50 percent of the pure silicon used is machined into dust. A new manufacturing technique developed by Fraunhofer researchers puts an end to these material losses, with raw material savings of 50 percent along with an 80 percent reduction in energy costs.

  • Proteins from rice – raw materials instead of waste

    Proteins remain after starch is extracted from rice. Until now, this valuable raw material was disposed of by rice starch producers at great expense. A new process is being developed to split proteins into smaller pieces, or peptides, and then clean them. The peptides can be put to good use in products such as cosmetics or nutritional supplements.

  • Fraunhofer initiative for secure data space launched

    The third top-level discussion on the Industrial Data Space was held at the Fraunhofer-Forum Berlin on September 23. The goal of the initiative is to enable companies to securely exchange and combine data. It helps companies make their production and business processes fit for digitalization, thus creating a foundation for business model innovation. The Industrial Data Space concept is aimed at establishing comprehensive, cross-sector connectivity in an open data space. This will make it easier for companies to utilize the potential of digitalization in their business models without relinquishing control over their data.

  • Biotechnica 2015

    Faster resistance analysis for patients with blood poisoning

    When treating cases of blood poisoning, doctors resort immediately to broad-spectrum antibiotics. The problem is that in many cases the bacteria are resistant to the medicine. Analyzing antibiotic resistance is a time-consuming process, and for many patients the results come too late. Now a new technique that supplies results in just nine hours is to be presented at the Biotechnica trade show in Hanover from October 6-8 (Hall 9, booth C34).

  • IBC 2015

    Television audio of the future - customizable and in 3D

    The next generation of Ultra High Definition televisions (UHDTV) offers not only crystal-clear images, but also perfect sound. At the IBC trade show (September 11-15 in Amsterdam), Fraunhofer researchers are presenting a TV audio system based on the recently published MPEG-H 3D Audio standard, which lays the groundwork for the television audio of the future. Besides offering immersive audio capability, this new technology allows viewers to customize the audio playback of the television or other devices.

  • Changes to the Fraunhofer Executive Board: departure of Prof. Verl

    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alexander Verl

    Prof. Verl, Executive Vice President Technology Marketing and Business Models for the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft e.V., is stepping down for personal reasons and by mutual agreement, effective September 1, 2015.


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