Key Strategic Initiatives (KSI)

Key Topics of tomorrow

In the Key Strategic Initiatives – KSI for short – the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft bundles the competencies of its 74 institutes in order to develop comprehensive system solutions for strategically important topics. All topics have a high relevance for the German economy as well as for society. Yet, the objectives of the initiatives can vary. The aim can be to achieve a leading position in science, to generate significant profits from the economy or to ensure that the topic is clearly perceived in society.




Battery cell production

The Fraunhofer Battery Alliance is intensively researching various processes for manufacturing batteries.


Biological transformation

Using materials, structures and principles of living nature in technology – for sustainable value creation through bionics, biotechnology or bio-economics.


Cognitive systems, artificial intelligence and data sovereignty

Intelligent robots can provide help in many areas. For example, they can enable direct human-machine cooperation.


Public safety

Fraunhofer is intensifying the development of innovative technologies for public safety. New solutions must make it possible to prevent damage effectively and at the same time protect personal rights and data security.


Programmable materials

Giving classic materials new capabilities. It is not the material that is changed, rather its inner structure.


Quantum technology

Quantum physics is the basis of many technical achievements. Quantum technology transfers basic research into applications, for example in quantum computers and quantum communication.


Translational medicine

Since many innovations arise at the interface between the disciplines, translational medicine promotes cooperation between physicians, scientists, computer scientists and engineers.