Center of Excellence

Logistics and IT, Dortmund

Founded in 2017, the Center of Excellence Logistics and IT pursued the goal of positioning logistics as the central science of the industrial future and strengthening logistics research at the interface between logistics and IT. Researchers created a comprehensive roadmap of strategic topics that served as an action plan and became the basis for new research programs in logistics and information logistics, the systematic combination of logistics and IT. Through the Center of Excellence, the activities of the universities, institutes, initiatives and projects located at the science location Dortmund were bundled and interlinked.

Since 2022, the Center of Excellence has increasingly served as an incubator for the transfer of scientific findings to industry. Currently, the focus is particularly on the topic clusters "People and Technology", "Autonomous Logistics Systems", "Machine Learning" and "Sustainability".

The Center of Excellence Logistics and IT is funded by the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. Partners include the two Fraunhofer Institutes IML and ISST as well as the Digital Hub Management GmbH. There continues to be close cooperation with the TU Dortmund University of Technology, the Leibniz Institute for Labor Research at the TU Dortmund University of Technology, and the partners of the Enterprise Labs. The Graduate School of Logistics in Dortmund, the central training program for doctoral students in logistics throughout Germany, also participates in the performance center.