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The Fraunhofer EU Office Brussels provides a platform for communication and cooperation with the European institutions and associations as well as partner organizations in Brussels. The office advises Fraunhofer institutes in the application process for EU projects, it supports the Executive Board in the strategic positioning of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft in Europe, and promotes / contributes to the creation of new European networks and the cooperation with new key partners.


Our strategic positioning activities include

  • Advocacy of Fraunhofer interests in the EU legislative process
  • Participation in expert groups
  • Liaison activities with European partners (e.g. EARTO)
  • Preparation of meetings of Fraunhofer Executive Board members with EU commissioners and members of the European Parliament
  • Coordination of joint approaches with other European research and industry organizations and associations
  • Monitoring and analysis of European research politics.


Services for the Fraunhofer institutes

  • Information about current European research funding programs and specific advice for individual institutes
  • Publication of a monthly newsletter on European research funding and EU research politics
  • Support for the Fraunhofer alliances in their European activities
  • »Door opener« to the EU commission and the European Parliament, contact point, meeting preparation
  • Advice to Fraunhofer researchers during the grant application process
  • Arrangement of training possibilities about the framework programs
  • Coordination of events and project meetings on the premises of Fraunhofer Brussels

Fraunhofer EU Office Brussels

Rue Royale 94
1000 Brussels, Belgium
Phone +32 2 50642-40
Fax +32 2 50642-49