What sustainability means to us

To us at Fraunhofer, sustainability means assuming comprehensive responsibility for a future worth living in and doing our part to make sure it comes to pass. With our more than 30,000 people, we transform ideas into innovative solutions to meet the huge societal challenges of our time.


Research for a better world


Responsible corporate governance


Social commitment

Our research is focused on five overall societal objectives:

  • Digitalized value chain
  • Fully circular economy
  • Energiewende accomplished
  • Affordable healthcare
  • Security and resilient society

We counteract possible negative consequences of our research activities by adhering to the criteria of good scientific practice and responsible research processes. ​

Beyond our research work, we integrate environmental, economic, and social sustainability within the framework of responsible corporate governance in every area of our organization. For example, we joined the United Nations Global Compact back in 2017, are committed to continuously supporting and implementing the initiative’s sustainability principles, and monitor these activities with our extensive compliance management system. Drawing on the OECD guidelines for responsible business conduct worldwide, we strive for greater resilience so we can withstand crisis situations appropriately and continue to drive innovation for society at large, now and in the future. We have also pledged to achieve net greenhouse gas neutrality by 2030 − which will require us to cut emissions by 55 percent compared to 2019 levels while offsetting the remaining emissions. Then, by 2045, we aim to further reduce emissions to nearly zero. A climate fund set up specifically for this purpose will help the Fraunhofer institutes to reach this goal.

We also live up to our social responsibility through extensive support initiatives for next-generation talent, efforts to include our communities in the research process, and programs for students at the secondary school and university levels.


Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2023

Extensive and transparent – our sustainability reporting

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