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Fraunhofer lead markets – our strategic customer segments

Applied research is the hallmark of Fraunhofer. Industry is our partner. In line with our research fields, Fraunhofer has defined strategic customer segments, which we call “lead markets”. By promoting innovation, Fraunhofer lead markets give Germany a global competitive edge, secure the technological sovereignty of Germany and Europe as well as deliver sustainable value creation for society.  

These strategic customer segments provide industry customers with access to Fraunhofer’s industry-oriented services:










What can Fraunhofer do for its customers?

What does Fraunhofer do? What kind of collaboration with Fraunhofer is possible? What can Fraunhofer do for its customers?


 If you are considering working with Fraunhofer for the first time, you are sure to have lots of questions. We hope you will find the answers to some of your key questions below.

Outstanding pre-competitive research

Strategic Research Fields

Forming the core focus of our research portfolio, the seven Fraunhofer Strategic Research Fields aim to address needs and markets that will shape our future. Within these fields, our outstanding pre-competitive research specifically targets projects that have high commercial potential, thereby enhancing our impact on society and across multiple sectors. By pursuing the Fraunhofer Strategic Research Fields, we aim to continuously strengthen the roles of Germany and Europe as key hubs of business and innovation while fostering our technological sovereignty and promoting sustainable value creation.

Transfer of ideas and innovations into the economy

Valuable technological knowledge and expertise is generated at the Fraunhofer Institutes each and every day. For over 70 years, Fraunhofer has been fulfilling its responsibility for the successful transfer of this knowledge and know-how to the economy and society by contributing to new products, services and processes. The successful commercialization of technology hinges on a broad and sophisticated set of transfer mechanisms.

The Fraunhofer Academy − Professional education

The Fraunhofer Academy is the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft's provider for continuing education. Together, we stand for applied cutting-edge research: Wherever new technologies and processes are applied, the Fraunhofer Academy creates the conditions for a new culture of innovation in companies for an economically successful future through continuing education.



The magazine for people shaping the future


A voice from the business world

  • A voice from the business world

    Dr. Torsten Jeworrek | Member of the Board of Management of Munich Re

    Dr. Torsten Jeworrek, Vorstandsmitglied der Munich Re
    © Munich Re / Andreas Pohlmann

    The call for action could not be more urgent: In July, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change issued a warning that the world risks missing its target of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees, or 2 degrees at the most — unless we implement very strict climate protection measures very soon.

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  • “We want to crack unsolvable problems!”

    Dr. Heike Riel | IBM Fellow, Head of IBM Quantum Research EMEA & Africa

    Dr. Heike Riel, IBM Fellow, Head of IBM Quantum Research EMEA & Africa
    © Nik Hunger/Swiss Engineering STV

    Technological history is being made as we speak: Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and IBM have brought today’s most powerful quantum computer for industry and research to Europe. It is a success story of our joint contribution to the future of research and industry.

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  • Welcome to a new age!

    Peter Körte | Chief Technology & Strategy Officer at Siemens AG

    Peter Körte, Strategie-Chef der Siemens AG
    © Siemens AG

    The Internet of Things has immense potential − but it also calls for data sovereignty. It is the key to unlocking knowledge and data silos in a way we can control.

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Events and trade fairs

  • MS Teams / November 29, 2021 - December 03, 2021, 13.00 - 15.30 Uhr

    Fraunhofer Technology Platform for Electronics in harsh environment

    In the online "eHarsh Seminar", we present the current state of our research and development work in a combination of technical lectures and live demonstrations at eight Fraunhofer locations and offer you interesting insights into our laboratories. From sensor development and manufacturing technology to simulation and reliability testing, all relevant aspects of building high-temperature electronics and sensors will be covered.

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  • Online event / December 07, 2021 - December 09, 2021

    Joint conference: Laser Symposium & ISAM 2021

    Additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, is becoming increasingly important for industrial applications. Fascinating engineering solutions paired with exciting economic benefits are strong drivers for R&D efforts worldwide. The International Symposium Additive Manufacturing (ISAM) addresses latest developments and challenges and brings together world's leading laser experts, end-users and newcomers in this field.

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