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Fraunhofer lead markets – our strategic customer segments

Applied research is the hallmark of Fraunhofer. Industry is our partner. In line with our research fields, Fraunhofer has defined strategic customer segments, which we call “lead markets”. By promoting innovation, Fraunhofer lead markets give Germany a global competitive edge, secure the technological sovereignty of Germany and Europe as well as deliver sustainable value creation for society.  

These strategic customer segments provide industry customers with access to Fraunhofer’s industry-oriented services:










What can Fraunhofer do for its customers?

What does Fraunhofer do? What kind of collaboration with Fraunhofer is possible? What can Fraunhofer do for its customers?


 If you are considering working with Fraunhofer for the first time, you are sure to have lots of questions. We hope you will find the answers to some of your key questions below.

Outstanding pre-competitive research

Strategic Research Fields

Forming the core focus of our research portfolio, the seven Fraunhofer Strategic Research Fields aim to address needs and markets that will shape our future. Within these fields, our outstanding pre-competitive research specifically targets projects that have high commercial potential, thereby enhancing our impact on society and across multiple sectors. By pursuing the Fraunhofer Strategic Research Fields, we aim to continuously strengthen the roles of Germany and Europe as key hubs of business and innovation while fostering our technological sovereignty and promoting sustainable value creation.

Transfer of ideas and innovations into the economy

Valuable technological knowledge and expertise is generated at the Fraunhofer Institutes each and every day. For over 70 years, Fraunhofer has been fulfilling its responsibility for the successful transfer of this knowledge and know-how to the economy and society by contributing to new products, services and processes. The successful commercialization of technology hinges on a broad and sophisticated set of transfer mechanisms.

The Fraunhofer Academy − Professional education

The Fraunhofer Academy is the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft's provider for continuing education. Together, we stand for applied cutting-edge research: Wherever new technologies and processes are applied, the Fraunhofer Academy creates the conditions for a new culture of innovation in companies for an economically successful future through continuing education.


Fraunhofer magazine

Title: Our energy

Where it comes from
How we can secure

A voice from the business world

  • Harnessing crises as a catalyst for growth

    Opinion article by Prof. Klaus Josef Lutz, chief executive officer at BayWa AG

    Prof. Klaus Josef Lutz, Vorstandsvorsitzender der BayWa AG
    © Foto: Thomas Einberger/argum/imago images

    The pandemic, the war in Ukraine and this summer’s heatwaves are all inspiring a rethink in the food production industry. Smart farming, agrivoltaics and alternative proteins could see major breakthroughs.

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  • Supply chains in disarray

    Dr. Volker Treier, Chief Executive of Foreign Trade at the Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry e. V. (DIHK), shares his thoughts

    Dr. Volker Treier, DIHK-Außenwirtschaftschef, beim 16. Exportkontrolltag in Berlin
    © DIHK

    With container ships stuck in traffic jams and staff shortages in the logistics sector, we can no longer rely on goods arriving “just in time.” The time has come to build up greater resilience.

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  • A voice from the business world

    Kerstin Andreae, Chair of the Executive Board at the German Association of Energy and Water Industries (BDEW), shares her thoughts

     Kerstin Andreae, Vorsitzende der Hauptgeschäftsführung des BDEW
    © Thomas Trutschel/

    Germany already has a 500,000 kilometer gas infrastructure and the largest gas storage capacity in the European Union − and these are by no means the only advantages to using hydrogen as its ticket to climate neutrality.

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  • “Coopetition!”

    Stefan Hohm, CDO at DACHSER SE, shares his thoughts

    Stefan Hohm, CDO, DACHSER SE

    Open-source over classic collaboration: Companies such as Dachser, DB Schenker, duisport and Rhenus want to use the newly established Open Logistics Foundation to advance the interests of all – they do not believe digitalization can be achieved in isolation.

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Events and trade fairs

  • Microphysiological systems (MPS) are a high-performance tool for research and development in the field of tissue reconstruction, drug and cytotoxicity studies. Fraunhofer IWS has established a wide range of technical expertise in design, configuration, operation, monitoring and analysis of these systems and has developed its own technology platform for the setup of MPS. If you are interested in learning more about the functionalities and the manifold applications of our technology, please join our online workshop. Benefit from our expertise and exchange ideas.

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  • Congress center darmstadtium, Darmstadt / March 06, 2023 - March 08, 2023

    Events and trade fairs

    The interdisciplinary congress of all disciplines involved in the product life cycle "cast component". Hybrid, with exhibition.

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  • Oberhausen / March 07, 2023 - March 08, 2023

    From fossil to the future – with bioeconomy and biotechnology

    Kongress BIO-raffiniert

    On March 7 and 8, 2023, the Fraunhofer UMSICHT, CLIB – Industrial Biotechnology Cluster and 3N Kompetenzzentrum e.V. will organize the congress "BIO-raffiniert XII" in Oberhausen. Topic: "From fossil to the future – with bioeconomy and biotechnology". The twelfth event of the congress series thus spans the arc from today's predominantly fossil raw material supply to biobased concepts of the future.

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  • Do you value the laser as a flexible and versatile tool, but wonder how the efficiency and process quality can be optimized even further? One possibility is beam shaping, especially by means of fast beam oscillation. In addition to an increased process speed, fast beam oscillation enables a higher machining quality to be achieved on the workpiece. In addition, the use of beam shaping significantly expands the range of components and materials that can be processed.

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  • Online seminar series / March 22, 2023, 3:00 p.m. CET

    NDT4INDUSTRY – Recent developments in advanced NDT

    At the Fraunhofer IKTS site in Dresden-Klotzsche our focus is on developing advanced non-destructive testing solutions for ceramics and many other materials. We are constantly working on new solutions. We would like to present some of these to you in our new NDT4Industry online seminar series. We want to make it live and interactive – so keep watching!

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