Flagship project

Leitprojekt SUBI2MA

SUBI2MA – Sustainable biobased and biohybrid materials

Biotransformation of plastics technology

With the flagship project SUBI2MA (Sustainable Biobased and Biohybrid Materials), we present a unique approach to biotransformation of plastics technology. The focus is on the benefits of biobased material building blocks due to their exclusive molecular functionalities. SUBI2MA takes these criteria in the biotransformation of plastics a decisive step further: by integrating such biological components, entirely new materials can be developed, manufactured and made available to the market in the future.

Our modular approach offers a wide range of material solutions:

  • New biobased high-performance polymers
  • biobased flame retardancy
  • hydrophilization/hydrophobization
  • fiber-matrix interaction
  • increasing the scope of application of established polymers

SUBI2MA materials provide the plastics and chemical industries or downstream markets such as construction chemicals, automotive, textile chemicals and health with an answer to the challenges of national and global sustainability strategies. Digital twins of the innovation principles created also enable the company to respond quickly and flexibly to future challenges in the transformation of plastics technology and other markets in the context of sustainability.