Fraunhofer Competence Network Quantum Computing: Understanding and using qubits!

The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft has set itself the task of researching the diverse potential of quantum computing for economic and scientific applications. To this end, a national network based on regional Competence Centers was founded in 2020: The Fraunhofer Competence Network Quantum Computing.

Each of the nine Competence Centers is made up of several Fraunhofer Institutes and has its own research focus in the field of quantum computing. The common goal is to research and develop new technological solutions in the field of quantum computing.

The Fraunhofer Competence Network stands for the development of a quantum ecosystem and for intensive networking - within the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft as well as with partners and customers from research and industry. The participating Fraunhofer Institutes serve a broad spectrum of application fields: Logistics, the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, the financial and energy sectors, materials science, IT security technologies and many more. Whether you are new to quantum computing or an expert, the Fraunhofer Institutes' services are aimed equally at beginners who want to find out about quantum computing in general and make initial contacts, as well as experts who are looking for partners for specific research questions and projects.

The office of the Competence Network at the Fraunhofer headquarters in Munich forms an overarching bracket around the various regional activities. Among other things, contacts to suitable Fraunhofer experts for your problem are arranged here.


Regional Fraunhofer Competence Centers as local points of contact

Here you can find out more about the regional Fraunhofer Competence Centers, the Fraunhofer Institutes involved and their respective research focuses


The colorful range of Fraunhofer QC projects

The current projects of the Fraunhofer Institutes serve a broad spectrum of application fields and cover the entire quantum computing stack: QC hardware and middleware, quantum algorithms and applications. Special attention is paid to the co-design of hardware and software. Here you will find an overview of some current QC projects of the Fraunhofer Institutes.

Leaders in industry, research and politics have their say

»The quantum computer is an important step for the state of Baden-Württemberg on its journey to successfully shaping key future technologies and meeting the challenges of the digital age. With this initiative, we are contributing to a German quantum technology ecosystem with international appeal.« - Winfried Kretschmann, Minister-President of Baden-Württemberg


»The agreement with the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft to install the first of our systems outside the U.S. in Germany and make it available to the organization enables the technology and corresponding competencies to be further developed in Germany and throughout Europe.« - Heike Riel (Head Science & Technology, Lead IBM Research Quantum Europe, IBM Research)

»Quantum computers differ from classical computers in that they enable us to approach and solve problems in a whole new way. However, to successfully integrate quantum computing into industry, it is essential to involve potential users of this technology in the process as early as possible.« - Magdalena Hauser (Parity Quantum Computing)


»How can we facilitate access to and profitable use of quantum computing for everyone, with minimal obstacles? It will take a holistic ecosystem that provides the right structures, with cooperation between industry and science playing the decisive role.«
- Horst Weiss (BASF


»Economic benefits from quantum computers will arise when a speed advantage for industry-relevant processes succeeds - this is what we are working on at Fraunhofer. With such a complex topic, interdisciplinary and cross-institute cooperation is necessary. The Fraunhofer competence network makes an important contribution to this."« - Anita Schöbel (Institute Director Fraunhofer ITWM)

»Quantum computing is the key to a door that will open the entrance to a whole new world for research and development activities. The key available today in the form of NISQ machines opens the door only a small crack. One day in the not too distant future, this door will open completely; we want to be among the first to explore this new world.« - Andreas Riegg (Daimler AG)

»Quantum software will no doubt soon have far-reaching effects on the whole industry. Learning about this software’s potential at an early stage by implementing prototypes will prove to offer competitive advantages. Having access to the German Fraunhofer quantum computer is ideal in this regard.«
- Frank Leymann (University of Stuttgart)

»The future quantum computers offer disruptive potential for all industries by enabling more efficient data analysis, risk analysis and optimization for faster decision-making processes and improved predictions. The early involvement of potential end users is crucial in bringing the technology into application.« - Niklas Hegemann (JoS QUANTUM)

Latest News


A case for the quantum computer?

Read more about the use of quantum computers in optimizing the energy model with a view to security of supply in complex energy systems in the current Fraunhofer magazine.


Heike Riel @ Fraunhofer Magazin

»We want to crack unsolvable problems..« - Read more about the Fraunhofer-IBM cooperation in the current Fraunhofer Magazine [german]. You can read the article here.

Serious Game

Off to the virtual quantum lab!

What distinguishes quantum computers from conventional computers? What are QuBits? The web-based serious game "Charlie and the Quantum Factory" [german] made by the Cybersecurity Training Lab explains. To the game


Ask questions LIVE!

Peek behind the scenes & ask questions LIVE about Europe's most powerful quantum computer with Oliver Ambacher (Fraunhofer IAF) und Heike Riel (IBM): Here you can see the recording.


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Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft activities in the area of quantum computing

Quantum Technologies and Next Generation Computing are Strategic Research Fields for the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and as such, they represent two core focus areas of its research portfolio — they are two examples that highlight the relevance and visibility of the topic of quantum computing for the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft.

Quantum computing has the potential to analyze complex systems in business and industry, unravel the complexity of molecular and chemical interactions, solve complex optimization problems and enhance the performance of artificial intelligence. The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft has set itself the task of researching the multi-faceted potential offered by quantum computing for industrial and scientific applications. Learn more about quantum computing at Fraunhofer here.

Fraunhofer Strategic Research Field Quantum Technologies

Quantum technologies open up entirely new and unprecedented applications in the fields of measurement technology, imaging, communications security and highly complex calculations. They therefore have high disruptive potential. Scientists have achieved spectacular breakthroughs in quantum research in recent years. The goal of quantum research at Fraunhofer is to transfer basic research into applications as quickly as possible, for example in the form of high-precision sensor systems and secure quantum communication.

Next Generation Computing

Quantum computing represents the third pillar of future computer architecture. It is this technology more than any other that has become the benchmark for high hopes in recent years. Many states are promoting the research with billions of euros, large companies and start-ups are competing for the qubits. Quantum computers are expected to take just seconds to solve problems for which computers today need years. Quantum-based computers are much faster than their normal counterparts because their information units are elementary particles, like electrons or photos, with quantum entanglement: Qubits.

Fraunhofer magazine 4/2019

Online special Quantum technologies

Welcome to the world of quantum mechanics, where nothing seems logical, but everything seems possible. We’re setting out on a journey into new era, where quantum technology will help us better understand and organize our world. And Fraunhofer is busy applying that technology.

Learn even more about quantum computing at Fraunhofer

Find out more about current Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft projects and activities on quantum computing here.


Questions & contact

Do you have any questions about the Fraunhofer Competence Network Quantum Computing? You can contact the head of network’s central office, Dr. Hannah Venzl, via the following link:


Continuing Education

With support by the Fraunhofer Academy, work is currently underway on the development of a range of multi-level further training options, including both a variety of courses and consultation with experts for specific questions on the use of quantum computers. Learn more about training opportunities here.