Responsible corporate governance

At the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, it is automatically understood that we must support and comply with the principles of responsible business practice. We firmly believe that integrity and a responsible approach towards employees, partners, resources, and research topics are the keys to long-term success. The foundation of this approach is responsible, forward-looking organizational governance.


Fraunhofer climate strategy

Fraunhofer’s research and innovations contribute to the transformation towards a sustainable and climate-neutral industry and society. This includes taking responsibility for our own greenhouse gas emissions. Our climate strategy sets out clear reduction targets. The path to get there involves specific concepts, which we often implement using technologies developed right here at Fraunhofer.


Guiding principles and mission

Our guiding principles help us chart the course toward a successful future. Here, we define what we stand for, where we want to go and what values and principles guide us as we seek to overcome current and future challenges together.


Human resources and corporate culture

Operating at the intersection between science, research, and industry, Fraunhofer offers a broad spectrum of professional opportunities and a working environment that encourages creativity and individuality, in which personal and career development go hand in hand.



Lawful and values-oriented conduct is extremely important to Fraunhofer, both internally and externally.


Sustainable supply chains

Our procurement process takes into account ecological, social and economic aspects to ensure environmental protection and uphold human rights in the supply chain over the long term.



Fraunhofer Sustainability Network

Some 20 Fraunhofer institutes and research units have operated under the aegis of the Fraunhofer Sustainability Network since 2009. This growing network has been instrumental in integrating the concept of sustainability into everything we do at Fraunhofer.

Fraunhofer principles of cooperation


Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2023

Extensive and transparent – our sustainability reporting

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