Science Policy in the EU

Facilitating excellent opportunities in the European R&I arena

The Fraunhofer EU Office in Brussels connects Fraunhofer management and researchers to the European research and innovation landscape. Our mission is to support the Fraunhofer Executive Board and the institutes on EU research topics, to proactively bring those topics to their awareness and to provide orientation through our EU expertise. Furthermore, we represent Fraunhofer positions in the context of European research and innovation policy and initiate strategic research collaborations through our excellent, European and Fraunhofer network.

We thus provide a unique platform for communication and collaboration with European institutions and other partner organizations in Brussels to showcase the significance of applied research and innovation.

Contact Persons

Contact Press / Media

Verena Fennemann

Director Fraunhofer EU Office Brussels

Phone +32 2 50642-45

Cathérine Steelant

Contact Press / Media

Cathérine Steelant

Deputy Head of Office and Senior Policy Advisor | European Research Policy

Phone +32 2 50642-46

Katrin  Mögele

Contact Press / Media

Katrin Mögele

Senior Policy Advisor | Environment and Energy

Mobile +49 151 41486451

Axel Pols

Contact Press / Media

Dr. Axel Pols

Senior Policy Advisor | ICT and Digitalisation

Phone +32 2 50642-47

Mobile +49 160 948 090 54

Johanna Leissner

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Dr. Johanna Leissner

Scientific Representative of Fraunhofer Institutes IAP, IBP, ICT, IGB, IMW and ISC | Cultural Heritage and Sustainability Network

Phone +32 2 50642-43

Jo Hannah  Zacharias

Contact Press / Media

Jo Hannah Zacharias

Project Manager Political Communication

Phone +32 2 50642-44