High-Performance Center

KAMO: Karlsruhe Mobility High Performance Center / Profilregion

Profilregion Mobilitätssysteme Karlsruhe

The High-Performance Centerenter "KAMO: Karlsruhe Mobility" is the merger of the Karlsruhe institutions for research, teaching and transfer in the field of future-oriented mobility and logistics solutions. In Karlsruhe, the four Fraunhofer Institutes ICT, IOSB, ISI and IWM are researching the mobility of the future with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), the Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences (HKA) and the FZI Research Center for Information Technology.

KAMO is the central point of contact in Karlsruhe for innovative mobility solutions and aims to bring innovations quickly and reliably into use together with partners from business, science and civil society.

Since 2016, when it started as the »Performance Center Profile Region Mobility Systems Karlsruhe«, a well-established cooperation has developed on many mobility topics across institutions and disciplines. Through interdisciplinary cooperation and R&D infrastructure that can be used across organizations, the KAMO high-performance center can illuminate the challenges of mobility transformation with all its facets.

Current key topics are addressed by the research fields "Mobility & Society", "Digitization" and "Vehicles & Environment" and include, for example

  •  Market analysis and acceptance studies,
  •  Provision of real and synthetic data,
  •  Simulation of components, systems and traffic situations,
  •  Provision of test benches and infrastructure,
  • Development support and prototype development

You can find out more about opportunities for collaboration and cooperation on the performance center’s website: