Fraunhofer Transport Alliance

The Fraunhofer Transport Alliance develops technical and conceptual solutions for public-sector and industrial customers and translates them into practical applications. It does this by identifying future developments and guiding the focus of sponsored research programs.

The Alliance analyzes market requirements and develops system solutions in multi-institute collaborative projects. It also draws together and markets the expertise of its members in the field of traffic and transportation. Workgroups such as Automotive, Rail, Aviation and Waterborne help to assure a close relationship with the sector. International research programs and contracts from around the world ensure that the member institutes maintain links to companies and research organizations involved in traffic and transportation worldwide. The Alliance’s central office brings together suitable partners.

Business areas

  • Comfort and design concepts
  • Safety systems
  • Resource and energy-efficient transport
  • Logistical structures and processes
  • Innovative mobility- and traffic systems
  • Smart and resilient transport infrastructure