Fraunhofer Automobile Production Alliance

The manufacturing industry is a decisive economic factor for Germany. Mega trends such as globalization, individualization, mobility, knowledge culture and urbanization are leading to significant changes in the entire production process. However, they are also presenting the German economy with new challenges when it comes to not only surviving in the market, but also to further expanding its technological leadership. We can only secure this leadership with a close alliance between industry and research.

As a partner of automotive manufacturers, their suppliers and service providers, the Fraunhofer Automobile Production Alliance has been supporting research and development for the optimization of manufacturing processes since 2010 and pools the expertise of 20 Fraunhofer Institutes. Reorganized and expanded in 2021 to include current research fields in plant and mechanical engineering, we are also a one-stop source for complex inquiries regarding the production of the future.


Our focus:

  • People in production − cooperation between people and technology in human-centered, development-friendly work systems
  • Intelligent self-optimizing plants − control, maintenance and optimization made easy
  • Resilient and agile process chains − solutions for complex, connected processes, novel materials and systems
  • Flexible, adaptable factories − factory structures and technologies for the individualization of production processes