Aerospace economy

Leitmarkt Luft- und Raumfahrttechnik

Aerospace is a technology-intensive industry sector that has a significant impact on economic and socio-political life. Aviation facilitates global mobility and thus creates the prerequisite for cultural and economic networking. Space travel promotes this global mobility by providing satellite navigation and communication. Orbit-based earth observation instruments can be used to solve essential questions on the protection of the climate and environment.

With its broad portfolio of expertise, Fraunhofer supports the strategies of the European aerospace industry and helps to secure and expand its competitive position. An important core element here is the sustainability of materials, components and processes, both in the development and in the utilization phase. In addition, Fraunhofer provides in-depth expertise in various fields of technology, such as optics, sensors, communication, automation, as well as digitalization and AI. To this end, Fraunhofer makes important contributions to national and European research funding programs (e.g. the LuFo program and InnoSpace Masters or Clean Sky 2, Clean Aviation, ESA spaceflight programs and Horizon Europe). Fraunhofer also works closely with corresponding associations, for example: BDLI, BDI and EASN.

Approaches to the lead market are organized via a central office that addresses the closely connected aerospace sectors. Here, industry, science and politics gain access to the technology portfolio of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft for these sectors. The central office supports, among other things, the identification of suitable contact persons at the institutes and organizes cross-institute technology offers.


For further information on the lead market for aerospace economy, see the website of the Fraunhofer AVATION & SPACE